Developing sexual confidence

sex therapy can help individuals develop sexual confidence

Sexual confidence is something we gain from a healthy sense of self, opportunity for sexual experimentation, self exploration, and good sex education.    Sometimes people miss out on these vital elements and struggle with a lack of sexual confidence.

As we move through adult life, our sexual confidence is also effected by our intimate relationships. Healthy relationships, based on mutual respect and kindness, can help us become more sexual confident by allowing authentic sexual expression without shame or criticism.    However, if we feel judged, criticised or shamed, especially during sex, it can cause us to withdraw from relationships or shut ourselves down sexually.   Restoring mutual trust and kindness to a relationship and learning to openly communicate is essential for healthy sexual relationships.  

We can also gain sexual confidence through sex education, which includes self-exploration.  Learning about our own bodies and how to self pleasure is an essential aspect of sexually educating ourselves. Through self exploration we can learn about how we respond to sexual excitement - what feels pleasurable, what emotions are triggered, what fantasies emerge, how to we breath, muscular responses etc.   There is so much to explore through solo sex or masturbation.   We also gain the advantage of learning the art of self-care and self-support. 

For many people, their own sexuality remains a mystery, which makes it hard to feel comfortable during sexual moments.  When we become comfortable with our own sexuality and bodies we are more likely to be confident in engaging sexually with others. 

Sex therapy can help individuals explore relational patterns and barriers that diminish sexual confidence and provide valuable education, information and tools to gain sexual confidence