Sexual anxiety

Sex therapy and counselling can help people struggling with sexual anxiety

Sexual anxiety can emerge for many different reasons.  Some people’s sexual anxiety may be related to sexual performance or their physical appearance, whilst others may feel anxious about engaging in intimacy and relationships.  The cause of sexual anxiety is connected to our personal development and relational experiences in life, as well as the social and culture contexts in which we live.  Abusive or unhealthy relationships can erode a person's self-esteem, leaving them sexually insecure and unable to tolerate sexual intimacy.  Religious, social and cultural attitudes, beliefs and values toward sexuality can remain at odds with our own experience, causing inner conflict and sexual anxiety.   Social pressures from marketing and main stream pornography also create sexual anxiety as they perpetuates a limited perception of what is sexy, leaving the majority of people feeling inadequate and sexually self-conscious.

Becoming confident in our own unique sense of sexuality is difficult without good support, embodiment practices and sex positive education.   As a sex therapist I provide individuals the opportunity to explore their sexual concerns in a supportive, non-judgmental and sex-positive environment.