Gestalt therapy and sex therapy

Gestalt therapy is an experiential and mindfulness-based approach to counselling and psychotherapy.  The primary focus of Gestalt therapy is to increase awareness, so we may have a deeper understanding of ourselves and how we function in the world.  Awareness is an ongoing process yet essential for bringing abut transformative change.  The aim of therapy sessions is to become increasingly aware of what we are doing and how we are doing it, with acceptance and compassion. 

gestalt therapy sex therapy counselling

The Gestalt therapeutic approach to sex therapy is based on what is called a growth model.  It focuse on treatment, enhancement and self-discovery.  It works along a continuum from a problem perspective to a growth process.

Gestalt therapy provides individuals the opportunity to explore deeply personal and relational issues and also offers the client's practical somatic practices (body focused practises) that can enhance sexual experiencing.  All blocks, emotions and emotional thought patterns are held in the body and working somatically can quicken the process of self-discovery.  Through a therapeutic process, a client can learn to identify sensations in the body and sexual resistances.

Gestalt therapy involves somatic experiments, breath work, and other awareness practices, that helps clients become more aware of how emotions and attitudes impact their bodies and hinder their ability to  give and receive sexual pleasure and intimacy with their partner.

Essentially, Gestalt therapy puts the body back into sex and provides us invaluable tools for learning to overcome sexual concerns or barriers to pleasure.