Gestalt therapy forms the foundation of my psychotherapy practice.  Gestalt theray is a humanistic and existential therapy that focuses on here-and-now experience.  In addition to overcoming symptoms, the aim of therapy is to become more alive, creative, and free from past issues that may diminish optimum satisfaction, fulfillment, and growth.  Gestalt Psychotherapy aims to support people to develop a deeper undertanding of themselves through a process of unfolding awareness  When we develop self-awareness we then have the choice to create meaningful and positive changes in our life.

Gestalt therapy beleives that as humans, we innately move towards healing and growth given the appropriate therapetuic environment.

My approach to therapy is to work with the whole person - physically, psychologically emotionally, sexually and spiritually.   I have over 20 years training in body-centered therapies so I am committed to a somatic approach to psychotherapy.  Somatic Psychotherapy includes a person's embodied experiences in the therapeutic sessions.  It is based on the belief that we are more that our thoughts and emotions. The Mind and Body are not seperate entities but mutually influencing aspects of the overall person. Somatic approaches to therapy faciliates the client to develop self awareness and a healthy mind-body equilibriam.

A somatic approach to psychotherapy can help deepen a person’s sense of connection to oneself and to others.  Therefore,  it is a perfect therapy for working with sexual concerns.   It helps releive stress, balances the nervous system and provides the necessary support to change rigid behavoural patters and beliefs.  My aim is to help people become more comfortable with themselves, more embodied and alive. Ultimately to restore pleasure, connection, and intimacy to sexual relationships.

I also have an interest in working with relational trauma.  I have undergone training in Somatic Experiencing, which is a pioneering body awareness approach to healing trauma. It focuses on experiency the 'felt sense' in the present moment to relieve the physical, emotional and physiological effects of post traumatic stress disorder and other stress and trauma-related health problems.