I am a psychosexual therapist and counsellor working in Melbourne




About me

I have worked in health care for over 20 years and have both a Masters in Gestalt Therapy and a Masters of Sexology.  I also have a background as a Registered Nurse and Shiatsu practitioner.  I provide safe and confidential counselling and therapy for individuals with sexual or relational concerns.  My background in Gestalt therapy ensures I have a holistic and embodied approach to sex therapy with a strong focus creating change through personal awareness.

Sex therapy can be just a one off educational session or it may involve ongoing therapeutic support.  Studies have shown that therapeutic support is essential for personal transformative growth. Sex therapy can provide the necessary support to bring about positive changes in our sexual and relational lives.  I believe that our overall health and wellbeing can be enhanced when we break free of rigid belief and patterns that can keep us from enjoying healthy relationships and a healthy sex life. 

I am the Vice President of the Society of Australian Sexologists (SAS) and a registered member of the  Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA).





Customer Complaints – Code of Conduct for General Health Services

Stephanie Hulsmann also adheres to the Code of Conduct for General Health Services.

If you are not satisfied with my service, please contact me. I take complaints seriously and aim to resolve them quickly and fairly.

If you remain dissatisfied with the response, you may contact the Health Complaints Commissioner (HCC). The HCC responds to complaints about health services and the handling of health information in Victoria. Their service is free, confidential and impartial. To lodge a complaint with the HCC:

Fill out a complaint form online at www.hcc.vic.gov.au or phone 1300 582 113 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday to discuss your complaint.