Sex therapy - my services


A Sex therapist helps individuals/couples with sexual and relationship concerns.  Sexual therapy can be a transformative process.   From a gestalt therapy perspective, we cannot reach our full potential if we are not fully aware of our whole selves.  Exploring our sexuality is essential for overall personal growth and development.



Counselling & Therapy sessions.


I provide holistic sexual therapy for individuals in an environment that is non-judgmental, supportive and inclusive.

You don't need to be in a relationships to explore your sexuality.    Sex therapy offers an opportunity to explore sexuality from a deeply personal perspective.   Good sex begins with the individual.


Facilitating support groups for women with disability

Sexual health is a fundamental right for all people.  However,  many sectors of society are overlooked when it comes to receiving sexual education and support.  One of my passions is designing and facilitating groups for people living with disability so that they many have access to essential services, safety and knowledge for exploring themes around sexuality, protection, and inclusiveness.   

I work with organisations who feel their clients would benefit from holistic sex education and social support.


Sex education

Sex education is not just for schools.  Many of us have never received comprehensive sex education and what information we do receive is focused on a limited perception of sexuality. 

 Sexuality is a complex subject and sexual concerns often stem from a lack of good information.  Given the hyper sexualisation of contemporary culture through mainstream media, as a society we need to start talking about the broader issues around sexuality.   Through dialogue and awareness, we can change to develop a healthier sexual sensibility -  as individuals, families and communities. 

I am available for lecturers and workshops providing comprehensive sex education and discussions.